Monday, December 21, 2009

Fantasy Sampler update

First up is a mini Happy Dance as I finalluy got round to doing the last bit of BS on the Griffin this morning. I finished him last week but couldn't get into the BS for some reason and it's not like there's a huge amount of it or lots of colour changes but it's done now

And an overall updated pic. I took it this morning before I did anything on it so now that bottom bit of border is almost done and I've worked on the scene in the middle a little as well.

My Dad is home this week so that means that apart from having to go into town first thing in the morning for last minute bits and pieces I don't have to go out again this week which of course means I have more time to devote to FS and the quest to get it finished.
Keep your fingers crossed for me


Karen said...

Very pretty! Great progress.

Daffycat said...

This looks terrific, Lindsay!

loulee said...

Wow, you're making great progress, you must be able to almost feel the finish.

Danielle said...

You can do it! You can do it!