Wednesday, September 01, 2010

August progress and September Goals

For August I said
Get Edgar's prize made up and sent Done
Stitch an ornament Done
Start my new Friday SAL project Started and finished
Work on Nova Never touched it :(
Get at least one more SOLAK square done (I'm still behind)
I did 4 in total

For September
Decide on my UFO for the RR
Stitch an ornament
Do a SOLAK Square

Not many goals for me this month because I have a model to do and ideally it needs to be done by the end of the month so almost all my stitching time needs to go on that.

August wasn't too bad a month really. I stitched for 88 hours 46 mins, had 4 new starts and 5 finishes (4 of them being the new starts) and I picked up a needle every day.

Current PHD total = 37

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Jo said...

Great progress - and it's brilliant that you stitched every day! Maybe that's somehting I should aspire to :)