Friday, September 24, 2010

Beading WIP

Yesterday I went to my beading group and one of our members had offered a couple of months ago to help everyone make a necklace that she herself had done from this book (if you follow the link it's the one centre bottom).
After a few problems early on in the day I made good progress and after a little more work this morning it now looks like this. I've still got to finish working my way up to the other end with size 15's so it spirals round like the one's already there before I even get close to being half done

A bit of a closer view

I was trying to capture the crystals here but all I got was a slightly fuzzy pic still you get a rough idea.

There were some fantastic colour choices being worked on but I'm a little boring when it comes to those rare times I make a piece of jewellery and almost always go for black and white simply because I can wear it with anything.
Oh there are black crystals to add as well yet, those I'm told are what will turn it into the one on the cover but that's a way off yet


Blu said...

Oh that's going to stunning when finished!

Hazel said...

That is going to be very pretty! x

Kay said...

The beaded necklace looks great & good idea for the colour choice.
I haven't tried beading to this extent, but it sure is interesting and especially when one has made something to wear.