Wednesday, September 07, 2011

It's Cheshire!

Well part of it anyway.
I'm stitching this for a customer of the local shop yarn come stitching shop (the same one I did the bellpull for earlier this year)
I've not yet got to my hometown but see Malpas down the bottom? Well I'll be there this weekend for the Yesteryear rally.

I've added a for sale page here and have put a few things on there to start with I do have more to add as soon so keep checking when you remember :)


RuthB said...

Cool -- -I have one of these maps to do, but I have to say I'm being put off by the color changes..... what can I say, I hate starting and endign threads.

Your Cheshire looks great though and makes me want to go hunt up my whiskey map :)

Rachael xxx said...

Lovely. I have sent you an email about some charts!!

Justflo said...

Maps always looks good stitched, I have yet to have a go at one though.

demeter83 said...

It's beautiful, where abouts are you based? I grew up in Cheshire!