Thursday, January 05, 2012

Jan 1st start part 1

I started 2 new projects on New Year's Day, 1 beading one and 1 stitching one.
I've not done much on the stitching one yet as I've spent most of the last few days at DBF's and have different projects for there but here's the beading one.

This is the Dragon box from Julia Pretl's Little Bead Boxes book, well the bottom of it at least!  I decided that for once I'd put feet on my box and the book reckons it's easier to do before you start to build the sides so that's what I did.


Blu said...

It's a lovely start. The design is very pretty.

catherine said...

I love this and the colours are beautiful
x catherine

Rachael G said...

Look forward to seeing this grow!!

Terri said...

This is gorgeous! I love your beadwork!

Julie said...

Pretty design