Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I was planning on posting about the Christmas tree today but that was this morning before something more interesting came along in the form of firemen :)

Over the road from me is a large area of what can only be called waste ground and today the land agents decided to do something about the fly tipping that's been going on but instead of doing the sensible thing and removing it the guys they hired to do the job decided to set fire to it.
So one of my neighbours called the fire bridgade out (they bet me to it)

This is just after they put it out and I wish I'd grabbed my camera earlier afterwards to show how high the flames were and how bad the smoke was

The burn area ran from where you can see it in the pic to past the end of the pic, it was big!

Mel came in my bedroom to talk to me while I watched the clear up and she lay down on my bed to play a game.
 Rosie decided that Mel looked like a comfortable place to lie down and go to sleep

She looked so content

Then this evening she did it again only to DBF this time when he lent over the sofa to talk to Mel and Dan

I'll come back tomorrow with the tree


shazzump said...

I hate when people set things on fire before letting the fire dept know about it, its unsafe.

Your cat rosie looks like a very lovable cat :) does she always sit on the unexpecting?

Rachael G said...

I hope the firemen gave them a telling off!!
Aww how cute, well we are only here to serve our cats LOL

Julie said...

Cats do the craziest things, great snapshots.
Stupid folks setting fire, lazy I bet! Thought it easier than clearing the site properly.

catherine said...

some people hey!. Your cat looks so cute and just wants somewhere to sleep!
x catherine

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Cats have a way of doing this, our kitten does this all the time.