Monday, March 19, 2012

Badges galore

These have been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks along with my Mum's Mother's Day present.

I inherited the running of my WI's Darts team's last year when our previous leader passed away and tomorrow is our annual match.
At practice a couple of weeks ago I had the mad idea (yes another one, I really should stop doing that!) of making each player a badge along with the captain's and scorer's and this is the result.

I finished the last one this morning and then put brooch backs on them so they are ready to go tomorrow 

I did look through my bead stash for a green that I liked and had enough of since the WI colour scheme is green and white but I couldn't find one that fitted the bill so I went with the dark blue and white of Cheshire News (WI County newsletter in case you wondered) 


Rachael G said...

Cool that you can literally do anything with beads!

milly said...

Wow they are fantastic!

Happy stitching.

Julie said...

Bet you all look super wearing them, great idea.

Denise SA said...

What a super idea