Saturday, March 03, 2012

Sofa Fixing

Mel sat on the sofa this morning and as she did some of the stitches along a seam decided that they had after 4+ years of use had enough and they ripped so after borrowing a small curved needle and some extra strong thread off Mum along with a little help off DBF to get the sofa apart I set to work.

Dan (Mel's BF in case you were wondering) took a sneeky pic of me hard at it and then informed me he'd be checking my blog to make sure I posted it

Apparently a close up of my hands was also needed 

My finger and thumb are still sore but that's what you get for stitching a leather sofa together 


Julie said...

Good job you are so versatile Lindsay, I'm sure you did a super job.

xstitcher21 said...

Well done you for fixing it. Not everyone would have.