Saturday, April 14, 2012

Beading bits and pieces

In the last week beading wise I've.......

Made some diamonds for my bead mat but haven't added them to it yet

Made a square using instructions from Diane Fitzgerald's Shaped Beadwork which my Parents gave me for my birthday last year and I've only just made something from it!!

I made the square because you need 6 of them to make a cube but I decided to reverse the colours to make the cube.
Now I've made one and know what I'm doing I'm planning on making a pair in different colours to make a pair of earrings

Then I pulled out a box that had projects in it from when I used to go to a weekly class at least 6/7 years ago.  Most of the things in there I can't see me ever finishing them so I wove the threads in and have kept them as samples.
This netted collar was in there as well and I've put off doing anything with for years now because my taste has changed colour wise and the design calls for it to be a full collar and that's not something I'd ever wear.  So I decided to finish the repeat the was half done and finish the end off so it matched the other.  Maybe one day I'll decided how to finish it off so it's wearable.

Here's a closer pic of the design.

The only other project in the box to finish is an angel who's been flying round in circles since the day I worked on her as she only has one wing!


Shebafudge said...

I love your beadwork. The collar looks quite intricate and the colours are really pretty.

Denise SA said...

Could you not just make the collar into a necklace, even if your tastes have changed maybe someone would like to buy it.