Monday, September 24, 2012

What I did over the weekend

I spent my weekend working on my early Christmas present from my family and DBF.
I saw the completed one at the bead fair in July and fell in love.

The class was being run by Oak Tree Crafts so I had an early start on Saturday but it was so worth it.

I did mean to take a pic of the kit but forgot with being so eager to start!

So this is at the end of Saturday when I got to my B&B

Sunday morning before class after I spent all Sat night working on it, I would of had more done but I'd used the wrong black on the last row so the red wasn't sitting right and looked a real mess so spent a couple of hours undoing and redoing it and it's so much better now.

And at the end of Sunday

I still have a fair bit to do on it but should hopefully be done in a week or so.

Sunday evening back at home I managed a little bit of progress on Caleb's birth sampler


Mii Stitch said...

Wow, that's a nice little letter box!! Very unusual ☺

cucki said...

aww little letter box is so cuteeeeeeeeeee xxx

Chris said...

Wow! That letter box looks great. Lovely progress on the birth sampler too.

Meari said...

Oh, that birth sampler looks to be cute. Love the colors.