Monday, April 08, 2013

I went on yet another class

On Saturday I went up to Accrington (anyone remember the milk advert from years ago?) for a class at Halfpenny's for a beaded toggle clasp, it's something I've not done before and they are only an hour away so off I went.

This is the one from the class which I finished early on

And rather than me sit there twiddling my thumbs Kathryn very kindly let me play in her personal bead stash to choose colours for a second one.
They really are easy to make and this second one took me less than an hour to do!

I also have a new start to share, this is going to be a another long term project as it has over 60,000 beads in it!
Go here if you want to see what it is :)


Julie said...

Very clever, they looks wonderful.

Your new project is going to be fantastic.

Heather Cartwright said...

Oh wow! That's going to look amazing when done! Can't wait to see more progress :D

Chris said...

Cool class and that new project...WOW!!

ricketyjo said...

Oh my goodness, your new project is going to be amazing! Best of luck with it :)

geeky Heather said...

Great job on the toggles! And, WOW, that robe is going to be AMAZING!!!

Lucy (Mesdupmoi) said...

That Dragon Robe looks amazing - cant wait to see it when you finish it :)