Monday, April 01, 2013

March Progress & April Goals

For March I said

Finish Runekeeper   Done along with Namaste which wasn't on the list
Start and finish Poinsettia House  I've started it but not not finished
Make a start on North Pole PO  Not touched it
Stitch an ornament  It's stitched and made up it just need's a cord making
Stitch a SOLAK square  Nop

For April I'd like to
Finish Poinsettia House
Start North Pole PO
Stitch a SOLAK square
Stitch an ornament
Make good progress on The Zoo

I stitched for 83 hours 42 mins in March, had 4 new starts and 6 finishes and just one day of no stitching.

Current PHD total = 32

1 comment:

Julie said...

March was a good month for you Lindsay, i hope April proves to be productive too.

Get Well wishes, i hope you are feeling better x