Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cheshire Show results

I knew we'd done well at the Cheshire Show but I wasn't prepared for just how well we did!!

Out of the 3 classes we entered as an institute one didn't do so well.  We went with a Persian theme as one of our member is from Persia, all the items are authentic inc the sugar!

I won a first place with my Post Box

We won a trophy with out Corner shop, my ball scored 19 and I think had we noted that the fabric was hand dyed it would of been 20

The score card

But with out third class we scored a total of 77 and walked off with 2 trophies!!!!!!!
The poppy vase is the work of yours truely

The score card

And a close up pic of one of the pieces of silver 

The other 2 are shared with other institutes so I don't have pics of those.

I've been bouncing all day long and can't quite believe that of the 3 items I contributed (2 combined and my individual) and a possible max 60 points I scored 59, that as an institute we did so well and all the hard work by everyone involved payed off so well 

Now that I have the ball and vase home I'll get pics posted in the next day or so


cucki said...

Wow congratulations dear..
Well done x

Clare - Aimetu said...

CONGRATULATIONS - so so well deserved, you've worked so hard - keep bouncing !!!!!

Chris said...

Congratulations!!! Well deserved, you do such beautiful work.

Denise SA said...


Ann at Beadlework. said...

Well done, beautiful work.

Dani - tkdchick said...


Lisa said...

Congratulations! Beautiful pieces and trophies :)

Take care and have a great weekend!

SoCal Debbie said...

Congratulations! That's an incredible score!

Julie said...

That is so wonderful Lindsay, and very well deserved too. Congrats to you and all your ladies. Time to start panning for next year lol