Monday, July 01, 2013

June Progress & July Goals

For June I said

Finish the Garden Ball  Done
Finish the Poppy Box  Done
Finish the Church  I gave up on this once I realised I didn't have a small enough bell for the tower

For July I's like to
Get The Zoo close to finished
Make a start on getting caught up on Santa's Village
Finish Again! and start Firefly fairies

Again and Firefly Fairies are both payed projects so my plan is to work alternate weeks on them and Santa's Village and of course keeping up with The Zoo at the weekends.

I stitched for 60 hours and 40 minutes in June, had 1 new start (Again!) and 1 finish and 2 days of no stitching :(

Current PHD total = 32


Julie said...

Good luck with your July plans Lindsay

cucki said...

good luck dear x