Thursday, August 01, 2013

July progress & August goals

For July I said
Get The Zoo close to finished  I finished it :)
Make a start on getting caught up on Santa's Village  I started and finished North Pole Post office
Finish Again! and start Firefly fairies  Both done

For August I'd like to 
Get one Fairy stitched as far as only needing the beads
Start and Finish Mrs Claus' Cookie Shop
Pick my new weekend project
Get my fabric and thread sorted for the Dear Jane quilt I'm starting on Sept 1st

I stitched for 78 hours and 17 minutes in July, had 2 new starts and 3 finishes and 2 days of no stitching one of which was the day Millie passed the other I was at the beach with Teejay and family.

Current PHD total = 31


cucki said...

Happy stitching dear x

Julie said...

Well done on completing The Zoo, it's wonderful.