Monday, August 12, 2013

Recent finishes

So you all know I'm behind in posting things I've finished right?  well by the end of this post I won't be :)

First is a Cubed Daisy Chain necklace that appeared in the Beadworkers Guild Journal earlier this year.
Stupid me didn't think to check the bead loop on the clasp was big enough before I finished the ends off and it's not so unless I want a fight it'll probably never get worn and not only that it's not really long enough for my taste and that's after adding extra repeats to it!

Next is class project that I can't get a decent pic of!
I took the class on July 13 as it was already booked and payed for but it did help keep my mind occupied after losing Millie the day before.

Last month at one of the beading group someone was having a clear out of magazines and after looking through a few I came across the instructions for this and just had to do one.
I did it in a day and will probably make more at some point

And lastly a box that sat naked for far to long!
When I used to go to a regular beading class years ago this was the project we were due to do the following class only the class never happened and still hasn't!
Mum found some instructions years ago for the exact same pot we had and I finally got fed up with seeing my naked purple pot sitting there and decided it was time to dress it :)

And lastly a request.
Teejay has been entered into a Cutest Baby competition could you please spare a minute to go vote for him


Blu said...

They're all so gorgeous!

Julie said...

The purple pot looks beautifully dressed, I like that.

Shebafudge said...

The purple pot is gorgeous. All the finishes are very pretty.

Chris said...

Lovely finishes! I voted :)

meggie said...

Beatiful, I love them all!

cucki said...

So pretty x