Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Weekend progress

First is my progress on Legends, I wasn't in the mood to spend all weekend on the backstitch so I started on the best bit instead, the Dragon.

Monday I started on Mary's Sampler, the 9 part free Christmas Sampler available on Plum Street Samplers blog
I'm using a lovely overdyed green fabric that I bought in an whoops pack from Country Stitch way back in 2004 and good old DMC.
I wasn't keen on Mary and Joseph having such dark and drab outfits so I switched to 902 and I'm much happier with it

And a couple of days ago I went to water my toms and one is turning red :)


My Xstitch Place said...

lovely stitching

Justine said...

Beautiful stitching. The colours in Legends are gorgeous. And what gorgeous big toms!

cucki said...

Very pretty stitching
Love x

Julie said...

Looking good... I've just uploaded a pic of that sampler to my blog too lol

Giovanna said...

Legends is just stunning, and I like your SAL start.

shebafudge said...

Your stitching is looking lovely :)