Friday, February 28, 2014

Couple of beading finish's

I've been working on my Dragon Robe this last week or so and because it's quite large, well the chart for it is, it's difficult to take to beading group with me so on Monday I pulled out a kit to take with me thinking that I had 3 different groups to attend this week so I'd get it finished by the end of the last one.
By the end of Monday's group I had one side complete and the other side half done, at Tuesday morning's group I finished the other side and almost got it put together!  An hour or so on Wednesday morning saw me finish it off.

Swanson Scissor Keep from Spellbound

Also on Tuesday morning I was given the instructions for this cross and it was one of those projects that really talked to me so I decided to work on it at Thursday's group and by the end of the day I had a complete cross. 


Blu said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous finishes!

Julie said...

A lovely scissor holder.