Thursday, May 29, 2014

TUSAL time

Yes folks that's right it's time to post pics of rubbish again :)

Just in case yuo don't know what the the TUSAL is all about you can either click on the box in the right hand side bar or you can click here both will take you to the same place.

This month I've added orts from Hill House, Daffs, Art Deco Sunrise, Cheeky Dolphin card, thread bear and lots of sewing cotton.

And my beading one not much added to it this time as I'm plodding on with Cheshire Show entries and one of them I'm not feeling the love for so avoid working on it with is daft because the end is in sight and I do have a deadline for it!


cucki said...

Lovely orts x

Julie said...

Good luck in the show this year Lindsay.