Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stitch from Stash August report

I've had a good month this month and I've only spent £1.99 and that was for a chart that's going to be a Christmas present when it's stitched so going by the rules it doesn't even count :)  I plan on starting it later in Sept to give me time to get it done and framed.

I've carried on selling off some of my unwanted stash and have found homes for a quite a few things now but there's still a fair bit to go and I could probably find more if I tried!!

This is Ho Ho Ho from Lizzie Kate, it was a special edition kit in 2007 and I'm only just getting round to it although I've switched the colour for Ho Ho Ho to Bejewelled instead of spinach simply because I prefer it :)

New starts from stash = Life's a Stitch for an exchange that I haven't got round to posting about yet! and Ho Ho Ho.  
PHD's worked on = Art Deco Sunrise (finished), Halloween Moon (Model new start not included in SFS), Splendor Rose, Daffs and Flower Tender
£ spent =
Budget left = £83.57, £63.57 carried forward and £20 for September


Kate said...

Well done Lindsay

Julie said...

I like your colour choice change, its looking good.