Wednesday, October 01, 2014

September progress & October goals

For September I said
Finish the model for Sparklies  Not done :(
Finish my weekend project Again not done :(
Pick a new weekend project  I'm thinking about what's next
Keep selling my unwanted stash  This I've done, I'm sending out at least one envelope a week
Finish something else  I finished 2 things but they were both new starts so don't really count because I meant something already started!
Make more progress on my quilt  Done, I have loads of diamonds tacked and ready to stitch together and have made a start on doing just that.

For October I'd like to
Finish the model for Sparklies
Finish my weekend project
Decide what's next at the weekend
Keep selling my unwanted stash
Make progress on my quilt
It would be nice to finish something else

I stitched for 85 hours 37 minutes in Sept, up on previous months partly due to the end of the bowling season and partly due to spraining my knee.  I had 2 new starts and I finished both of them and I stitched every day

Current PHD total = 30


cucki said...

Happy stitching x

Rachael G said...

Good luck for October xx

Sara said...

Good luck in October!