Monday, October 20, 2014

Sewing finish

Several weeks ago during a conversation over lunch with my Mother in Law we somehow ended up talking about carrier bags and said in passing that I could make her one of those holders for them.
The following week she asked me if I would make her one so as we were in town that week I took her to the sewing shop (that's it's actual name) so she could pick herself a fat quarter of fabric.

Then I sprained my knee and found it difficult to climb the stairs and/or sit with my knee bent for any length of time so it was put on hold then when I did get it made I forgot to take it to her!

I finally remembered last Friday and here it is :)

It's far from perfect but MIL is happy with it and it does what it's designed to do :)


cucki said...

Lovely x

Julie said...

It's lovely and so useful, my mum has one hanging on the back of her pantry door, I'm sure it cost a lot from a garden centre and was a birthday gift from her friend ....not half as nice as your handmade one.