Sunday, November 01, 2015

October progress and November goals

For October I said
Keep up hexie flower production and get at least 1/4 of the Christmas petal swap sent out    I've done OK on the flower but not so well on the CPS :(
Make a decent start on the second paid project   I'm very happy with the amount I've done
It would be nice to finish Magical Night   I did finish it
Keep selling stash   A little more has found new homes

For November I'd like to
Keep up hexie flower production and hit halfway sent on the Christmas petal swap
Finish the page I'm on with the fruit (paid project)  it's the page with most on it
Get St. Basil's almost finished
Catch up with the 12 days SAL
Keep selling stash
Post every day for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)

I stitched for 80 hours 46 mins in October, not bowling 3 nights a week makes a difference, I had 2 new starts and 1 finish and one day with no stitching but I did bead and work on hexie's

Current PHD total = 28

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Julie said...

Well done.