Thursday, November 12, 2015

Poorly Rosie

Over the weekend Rosie wasn't well so I took to the vets on Tuesday who diagnosed Pyometra
Yesterday she went back for her op and she's doing well now, much more her normal self this evening and wanting lots of cuddles which makes doing any sort of craft difficult but that's fine with me.

This was a few minutes after we got home when she was still a bit grumpy but the bandage needed to come off

Her first experience of the cone last night when I went to bed, she only has to wear when I can't keep an eye on her to stop her taking the stitches out


Daffycat said...

Poor, Rosie! I'm so glad she's doing well after this health scare! Give her lots of cuddles.

Terri said...

I'm glad Poor Rosie is doing better!

Julie said...

(Healing hugs) for sweet Rosie