Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dove farm pendants

This weekend is the annual stitching weekend I attend and it's out 10th year so we will be having a little celebration and doing a goody bag exchange.   The idea was to make/ buy something that reminded you of Dove Farm for all the others attending.   I decided to bead a pen for everyone and make it more of a commemorative item.
But they aren't pens I can hear you thinking :)   That's because the Amazon seller I bought the pens off has let me down :(  I ordered them on June 1st and they should of been here by the 9th but they showed up so I had to come up with an alternate plan Thursday evening and this was it.
Each one is done with a individual in mind expect a few because they didn't give their prefs so I went with what I liked

And just so you can read one clearly


Julie said...

Lovely gifts for your friends, I bet they loved them.
Post looks very impressive in the post below

Linda said...

Such pretty gifts for the retreat.


Sally said...

I do really like mine. It will be put on my magnetic board in my craft room. 😍