Wednesday, June 01, 2016

May progress & June goals

For May I said
Finish the Sunflower panel    No not quite but that's because I have a model to do
Pick my Birthday start and start it   Done but it's not the one I wanted to start :(
Get a few symbols done on Alchemical Romance    Done
Start at least one other new project   Done, I started and finished two and started a third :)
Get In The Post half done   Done :)
Keep up hexie and snowflake production to get my list down   I've been making hexie flowers but have yet to send them out!
Keep selling stash    Yep a few more things found new homes

For June I'd like to
Finish the Sunflower panel
Finish the model
It would be nice to finish In The Post
Keep making hexie flowers and snowflakes
Sell some stash

I stitched for 92 hours 17 minutes in May, more than I expected but having a stitching holiday helped with that :)    I had 5 new starts and 2 finishes and one day without a needle in my hand :(

Current PHD total = 29!

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