Friday, December 01, 2017

November progress & December goals

For November I said
Finish the model.   It's as finished as it can be until I get the names and dates for it
Finish CdC    Done
Another finish would be nice    I scrapped in with Needlework ABC's
Sell some stash    I can't remember if I have or not!!
Post every day    Done

For December I'd like to
Finish the mini poppies
Finish the Monday night project
Start the new model that's on the way
Not start anything else!
Decide on my Jan 1st start

November was another good month for me with 105 hours 26 mins of stitching time and 1 day I didn't get time with a needle (but I did get to play with fabric all day).   I had 1 new start and 3 finishes during the month which I'm quite happy with

Current PHD total = 29!

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Katie said...

Great job with your November goals and Good luck with your new December goals.