Monday, April 16, 2018

I made a fish

A few months ago at one of the beading groups I go to another member had made one and I saw it and commented on how much I liked it.
The following month she brought me the Journal with it in so I could :)  it's really 
 not my normal type of project but it just spoke to me and I had to make one.

So meet Barry.  

If I close his mouth I think he looks very grumpy

So I leave it open.  This one is also a much better pic of his true colour

Why Barry, well I asked Teejay to name him while he was here for Easter but not to call it Geaorge as he'd already named the lizard I made last year that.  His first suggestion was Alfie but Mel's turtle box has that name so next was Barry after a book he loves called Barry, The fish with fingers


Marlene Jones said...

Perfect name for your fish.

Katie said...

He is just adorable indeed. Barry is a perfect name.

Brigitte said...

Great job.

Julie said...

Barry is perfect, great name.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great fish and I guessed where the name came from too!