Monday, April 02, 2018

March progress and April Goals

For March I said
Finish the model I'm working on  I finished both of them
Finish the model for Sparklies  No :(  didnt even get to pick it up
Bead an ornament   It's started but not finished

For April I'd like to
Finish March's ornament
Bead April's ornament
Work on the Sparklies model
Have a new start

I stitched every day in March mostly on the two AAN models but I did have a few diversions.  I had 4 new starts and 4 finishes during the month and since the 8th I've done 14,273 stitches (new challenge in a facebook group)
The last few days of the month saw the house in turmoil as the damp proof was done on one side so for a few days either side I was either packing and covering things up or uncovering them, unpacking and cleaning up which is why I'm a day later than normal with this post, I only uncovered the puter this afternoon and will have to move everything again in a week or two to decorate.
It's also the reason I didn't finish my March ornament

Current PHD total = 30


Katie said...

Well you did good on your goal with the house turmoil. Hope everything is back to normal soon for you. Good luck on your April goals.

Julie said...

I don't envy you the damp proofing, what a mess that job was when we had it done.
Good luck with your plans for April.
Hope you had a nice Easter.