Tuesday, May 01, 2018

April progress & May goals

For April I said
Finish March's ornament   No I've had a few hiccups with it 
Bead April's ornament    Not got that far yet :(
Work on the Sparklies model   No not touched it :(
Have a new start   This one I've done but only because it's a paid project (and I've finished it)

For May I'd like to
Have my Birthday start
Finished the second paid project
Work on the Sparklies model
Catch up with the ornaments
Finish my travel project
Pick a new travel project

I stitched every day in April, had 2 new starts and 2 finishes one of which was a new start and worked on 5 projects in total over the month.
The house is still in complete turmoil as the decorating is done after the damp proofing because it's only getting worked on a couple of days a week as the help is available.
The start of the month saw Lucy and Teejay visiting and my Mum had her hip replacement done so much time was taken up with hospital visiting.
Bowling season is underway now so stitching time drops but so will my weight over the summer :)

Current PHD total = 30

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Katie said...

Good luck with your May goals! I think April snuck by most people so don't feel bad.