Tuesday, October 01, 2013

September progress & October goals

For September I said

Get one Fairy stitched as far as only needing the beads  No, not done but I did take a week off FF while I was sick 
Finish Mrs Claus' Cookie Shop  Done 
Start and finish Santa's Stocking Store  Not quite, I still have the vine bit to finish
Finish Majesty and start Wisdom on Legends  Majesty is finished and the border round Wisdom needs the back stitch finishing so kinda done this one

For October I'd like to
Finish the Stocking Store and make decent progress on Reindeer Stables but finishing it would be better
Finish Wisdom and so in turn finish Legends

I stitched for 85 hours 1 minute in September which is up on previous months but given that for most of the month I was sick and not able to do much at all without being able to breathe it's no surprise really.
I had 4 new starts and 2 finishes, one of which I can't share until after Christmas as it's a gift for one of my Daughters and they both read my blog.  I also had one day of no stitching and that was the day I spent the entire evening in A&E.

Current PHD total = 33 :(

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Julie said...

You did well Lindsay with bring so sick.