Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bigger Stash update

This year's birthday start and for once I'm in with a chance of finishing it in the same year :)

That R seemed to take ever more and a day to do, no matter how much I worked on it it just didn't seem to get anywhere so I started switching with the Bleesed Jess underneath and it went so much quicker

In other news, my Dad hurt his knee going upstairs last night and I took him to have it checked out today, turns out that he's pulled the ligaments around it so it looks like my time off looking after Mum is at an end and I'll have 2 invalids to cope with instead of one


Ken's choice said...

Good luck with both invalids,

you should get in contact with Kristin, she is a dreagon lover as well!

tkdchick said...

How cute! I need that!