Friday, August 08, 2008

I have been stitching

But I just can't share it just yet because it's for the TW Celtic Bookmark on the rotation BB so until I do have something to share here's an update on Fantasy Sampler

Mel is home from camp now, she's covered in bruise's in her legs and has a real good one on her arm that she poked and said 'It hurts when I poke it' to which she got the obvious answer of 'Don't poke it then!' While there she was made a 4*and platoon Sargent, got a skilled pass at Skill at arms, got within 44mm of the centre with shooting and got put on the team and lastly was most improved cadet. To say I'm a proud Mum doesn't even come close


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Mel!

Fantasy Sampler is looking great Lindsay.

mesdupmoi said...

Fantasy Sampler is certainly getting there!

Mel only told me about the most improved Cadet thing. Not the 4* and Platoon sargent, or the shooting thing! Tut tut at Mel!!

Caleb can hold his own bottle now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well done to Mel! those are some achievements.

Your Fantasy sampler looks gorgeous :o)