Thursday, January 01, 2009

December Progress & January Goals

For December I said

Finish Fantasy Sampler No, but I knew early in the month I wouldn't make it and gave up trying
Finish Bigger Stash Done
Finish My Needleswork No, only got an hour's work on it
Finish the payed Birth Sampler Done
Finish something else I finished the Ruby card for my Parents
Stitch at least 2 ornaments Done
Stitch an ornament for Mel No, she has promised to nag me through the year to get the 2 I owe her done
UFO RR Done but mailed alot later than planned
Finish beaded Angel Box (WIP pic to follow later) The box has a few more rows left to do and I need to do the lid

For January I'd like to

Finish the Angel Box
SOLAK Square
Start all the new WIPs I feel like and not to feel guilty
A finish would be nice

In December I stitched for a taol of 92hrs 47 mins, had 2 new starts and 5 finishes

And overall in 2008 I stitched for a total of 1,110hrs 13mins with my best month being May (132hrs 55 mins but I was sick and didn't move off the sofa for almost a week) and I had 37 new starts and 31 finishes

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Kristin said...

That's a lot of finishes fort he year. Congrats! Happy New Year