Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet new start #3

Cross Eyed Kat's Triangularity

I'm using a Sparklies Solitaire but what doesn't show in the scan is the sparkle it has although the fabric colour is pretty accurate
Now I'm trying to decide which of my old WIPs I should work on next. I'm planning on finishing my Celtic Banner this year anyway and was going to work on it next but Angel of the Morning has been calling me for the last couple of days so now I can't decide!


Kristin said...

Very cool start. I like the way it looks so far. I vote for working on Angel of Morning.

Abi said...

My Celtic Banner looks almost the same. :) I've neglected it for so long. Its on my "maybe this year" list.

Karoline said...

Great start Lindsay

mesdupmoi said...

Oh, and there is a new post over on Exchange Heaven, about the next exchange! x