Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Beading finish

In the vain of finishing off some beading projects I made a start on this one a week or so ago and finished it today.
It's one of the first projects I ever started so must be about 5/6 years old, not sure why it got put down but I do know if I started it now the tension would be so much better.

Ric Rac Purse
Jill Devon @ The Bead Merchant

I love the clasp

The fringe doesn't have a big gap in it, it's just the way it's sitting and I never noticed when I took the pic this morning.

PHD's came about when I was talking to Carrie while taking her Angel Box class a while ago but I couldn't remember what she'd called her WIP's so when I took another class with her in November last year (Christmas tree this time and surprise, surprise it's not finished but it's on the list) I asked her again. A PHD is a Partly Half Done or as someone said on a BB a Potential Happy Dance. I decided to have PHD's rather than WIPs in the future but I'll leave you to wonder which one I prefer of the two.


stitchinfiend said...

Your purse looks fantastic and thanks for explaining PHD

Blu said...

Your purse looks gorgeous! All that lovely purple.

Elaine said...

Your purse looks fab, love the purple!

Alice said...

I also love the purple! Pretty project. Well done!

Chris said...

It's beautiful! And I'm not just saying that because it's purple...that's just a bonus.

Rachael said...

Very pretty well done