Thursday, April 01, 2010

March progrress & April Goals

For March I said

UFO RR Yes but not as much as I would of liked
Get an ornament done Yes, I finished one that's been hanging around for 5 years
Get a SOLAK square done I did 2
Make good progress on a WIP Not really

And a late entry was to do a square a day on Nova. I managed 7 before my wrist started and was a little ahead of target.

For April I'd like to

Get an ornament done
Make good progress on a WIP
Hopefully go back to a square a day on Nova

I was somewhat surprsied when I got the calculator out to add my hours up and found that I'd stitched for 110 hours 40 minutes!! But if you sit and think about it I spent 3 weeks unable to do anything that needed 2 hands so I didn't really have anything else to do beside stitch even if it was one handed and slow.
I had 5 new starts and 4 finishes 3 of which were new starts

Current PHD total 41 (was 42 until just before I came online)

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Justflo said...

Good luck with your targets.