Thursday, April 15, 2010

TUSAL time

It's time to show my progress on the one thing I'm really good at, adding orts to my jar :)
This month we have orts from Kaleidoscope, Noel ornament, Believe, Dream, Mary Busby, Egyptian Sampler (UFO RR), Quaker Tree (Arbour day exchange), Quaker Alphabet, Silly Snowquakes and Taz along with lots of different colours of nymo.

Thanks for the suggestion of getting a USB cable for my camera. One came with the camera and I've done just that today for these pics but my camera while great with all the bells and whistles has a really c**p internal memory and will only hold 4 pics so I really do need to get a new card. What I will try when I get one is to try taking the pics of the card via the USB


loulee said...

That's how I use my camera, I leave the card in and just plug the whle sheebang into a USB port. Sorted, and no fear of loosing the card.

Karan said...

Enjoyed my blog catch up. You've been really busy & had loads of finishes & new starts. So hope the wrist is soon pain free. Hopefully it won't be quite so long until my next visit! LOL :0)