Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Playing catch up

The last week has been so busy I've barely had to sneeze let alone post anything so I'm going to pack a fair bit into this one.

First of all last week was the Cheshire Show and I entered my bag. I scored 19 out of 20 and came away with a second place :)

Early Friday morning I drove up to Cumbria for Woolfest and of course a few things followed me home

I was really good this year and only bought 2 skeins of yarn, both out of bargin buckets and both for patterns I bought while there.

This year I mostly went for patterns although I did buy a couple of charts from Fobbles and a tea towel but I have good reason for that. Cheshire WI's office needs to have the heating system replaced so they sent £10 to every institute with the instructions to at least double it and send back half of the money raised and my institute decided to have a tea towel auction/raffle so when ever we go out and about over the summer we buy one and hand it.

Mels' minature rose has bloomed in the last few days As have Frederick and Bob the lilies we planted our first summer here (Mel and Sheena decided they had to have names and those are the ones they came up with)


Gina said...

What on earth beat your bag?

Alice said...

I agree! That bag is marvelous. I can't imagine what would be better.