Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May progress & June Goals

For May I said

Get an ornament done Yes
Finish Taz Yes
Pick a Birthday start Yes Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas
Square a day on Nova No, I only managed 16 but May was a busy month

For June I'd like to
UFO RR (last one of the round)
Finish Quaker Alphabet Sampler (should do this tomorrow)
Get an ornament done
Square a day on Nova
Finish something else
Stitch and send my summer Exchange

I stitched for 63 hours 1 minute, had 2 new starts and 1 finish which was one of the new starts and I had a few days of no stitching.

And just a quick foot note, my puter has been looked at and it looks like my hard drive is fried
:( the annoying thing is Mel has the exact same computer as I do and she got her's at the same time as me and her hard drive went a couple of months ago!

Current PHD total = 40


Karen said...

Sounds like you had a very productive month!

Justflo said...

Well done with your May targets and Good luck for your June one's. Sorry about your putor. What a pain.

Jo said...

great progress on your goals - and I love the pics in your last 2 posts, especially Nova