Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's goal review time

As it's July 1st I decide that this year I would share my 6 month review of my yearly stitching goals with you and I think I'm doing pretty well with them.

Finish a TW - which one has yet to be decided I did mean one of the ones I have already started but I finished Fire Dragon in Jan so I could call this one done
Finish a Silver Lining - again to be decided Haven't even picked one as yet
Get my PHD's to below 35 I'm at 38 so I'm getting there
Stitch an ornament a month So far I've stuck to it
Stitch a SOLAK sqaure a month I'm a couple behind with this one but I'm going on holiday in the caravan later this month and these are easier to work on while there so I'll get caught up
Finish 2 PHD's before I start a new one but with exceptions (Birthday start, ornaments and SOLAK squares are excluded but any other new start in the year is fair game. All Guilt Free Jan start are also fair game once they are underway) I've actually been really good and almost all my new starts have been ornaments, SOLAK squares or for exchanges. I do have a new start planned once Pat has finished her Mary Busby and I'll treat myself to one when I hit 35 PHD's left

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Missy aka Birdy said...

Sounds like you have a plan to stay on track by your past accomplishments. I too have stitched an ornament a month but I'm think I need to step it up t two ornaments a month now that Christmas is a little more than 5 months away!