Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Exchange

I'm way behind on posts and I'm about to go to Wales for 10 days so I thought I'd better not leave this any longer!
I had the pleasure of sending to Lisa for the Summer exchange over on Holiday Exchanges and after much humming and hawing I decided to stich M Designs Sun Needleroll for her. Now your all thinking that's not a needleroll and you'd be right. I had an awful time trying to get the speciality stitches to work on it so in the end I ripped them out and decided that as the sune was over one and had taken me a heck of along time to do I would make Lisa a scissor fob instead. Turns out it was the right thing to do (maybe someone was looking out for me) as Lisa has a secret love of M Designs Sun's!!

I sent along a few goodies as well

Now I just have to wait for my Arbour Day exchange of Berit to arrive, the first one went missing in the post and she has stitched a replacement but it's not arrived as yet.


Daffycat said...

I loved this exchange when I saw it on Lisa's blog. You have such a knack for choosing related goodies!

Berit said...

This is a lovely exchange. :)

I'm getting fretful about that little package now; I do hope it turns up in a day or two! It was sent on June 29th, so it's due. The first one had some wire in the ribbon on it, but I was careful to leave it off of the second, and just can't think what the delay would be!