Sunday, August 01, 2010

July progress & August goals

For Juy I said

Get Edgar's prize stitched and sent It's stitched but not made up so obvious not sent either
Stitch an ornament I did 2
Square a day on Nova Let's not even go there
Maybe finish something I finished Triangularity

For August I'd like to

Get Edgar's prize made up and sent
Stitch an ornament
Start my new Friday SAL project
Work on Nova
Get at least one more SOLAK square done (I'm still behind)

July wasn't to bad a month for me time wise considering that for 2 weeks I was away and busy so not much stitching time to be had.
In total I stitched for 75 hours 5 minutes, had 5 new starts and 5 finishes and I think I had one day of no stitching at all but my diary is downstairs and I'm to lazy to go and look!

Current PHD# = 38 (would of been 37 had I not gone out last night)

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