Monday, August 23, 2010


I've not shared pics of Rosie since the day she came to live with us so here are a few things she's been up to the last few weeks

Played with Millie's ears

Played with the monkey that Mel brought home from her holiday for Caleb and has now claimed as her's

Made a habit of showing the world her tummy (yes she really sleep's like that)

And just this evening she tried to help Mel play Spyro

Blu asked yesterday if the snowman is 3D and yes he is, once both sides are done I'll stitch them together fill with lead shot (cause I can't find steel shot locally) and a little stuffing


Ann in Scotland. said...

I love your cats. Can I ask what type your new kitty is. She is gorgeous - I love her markings. If you get a chance stop over to my new blog it's at You'll see a pic of our cat Duski. I'd love to have more cats but I won't kennel them and then when holidays come along it is a massive problem.

Holly said...

Of course she has to show off her tummy! It's so cute! How do you resist touching it and waking her?

I love your cat!

Rachael said...

Aww what a sweet tabby!! I love the way she shows off her tummy one of my cats does that!!

Alice said...

Rosie has the sweetest spotted tummy!

Measi said...

Aww... she's a very happy kitty! Looks like she's settling in just fine. :)