Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mary Wigham update

A few days later than normal but at least I've posted it :)
I worked on finishing the brown motif bottom left and started the yellow one underneath it.

Rosie decided she just had to inspect my progress while I was taking the pic

And in a bit more detail

Please could you all send healing vibes to Caleb.
He fell out of bed this morning and has fractured his leg :( he'll be spending the next few days in hospital having traction and might have to stay there for upto 6 weeks depending on wither or not they need to put a cast on him.
They are also going to run tests to see if there's anything wrong with his bones as this is the second time in a few months he's fractured a bone, last time it was his wrist if you remember when he fell over the cat


Kathy said...

Oh my. Healing thoughts and prayers for Caleb. I do hope they are able to cast it so he can come home to heal.

KarenV said...

Poor Caleb! I hope he heals quickly.

Mary is looking lovely and I like your furry model too ;)

Silverlotus said...

I hope Caleb heals quickly. Poor little guy.

Ann in Scotland. said...

I'm sorry to hear about Caleb. Puss made me smile - curiosity always gets the better of them!

Lesleyanne said...

Best wishes to Caleb. Love your cat inspecting your work. Lovely progress on Mary.

Jules said...

Poor fella! Hope he heals quickly.

Great progress on Mary!

Sally said...

Sending lots of healing thoughts for Caleb.

Love your progress on Mary Wigham:)

Alice said...

I hope all is well with Caleb. Rosie is so darn cute! MW is looking lovely.

Blu said...

Poor Caleb! I hope he heals quickly.

Jo said...

Poor Caleb - hope he heals quickly.

BTW, I popped that BBD chart in the post for you today... I had it in my office at work for ages, but was dreadful at finding an envelope, stamp and address book!!