Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UFO Night

Over the weekend I joined the Stitch & Stash forum and they have a UFO night every week so I joined in.

You all know how much I want to get my PHD number down over the next couple of years and having a UFO slot in my rotation has helped in the past only this time there's the treat of a visit from Mr Stick hanging over my head.

First one I'm going to work on is Caleb's Birth Sampler, the last pic I can find on my blog about it is here I have worked on it a few times since then so I thought I better take an updated pic of my starting point.

After a couple of hours it looks like this now

Fingers crossed I'll finally get it finished before to long


Lesleyanne said...

I've just joined Stitch and Stash's UFO night although I forgot last night lol.

Justflo said...

Coming along. You'll have it done in no time

Joysze said...

Great progress. :D

Sally said...

You made good progress Lindsay. I got some of my Christmas mystery done too so I think Mr Stick might be proud lol!