Tuesday, October 05, 2010


The model is finished, Wooooohoooooooo. Check back in a few days for pics.

I was lucky enough to be one of the folks picked to receive a PIF from Patti a little while ago and I now finally have chance to post about and see if anyone wants to receive something from me in the next 12 months.

If I get more than 3 I'll do a draw
Here's the plan...
The idea is that 3 of you join my Pay It Forward and then
I will send a hand made gift (made with love!!!) to each one of my THREE
within the next 365 days!

Then, those 3 people must also host a PIF on their blogs
and ask for 3 people to join their PIF - To pay it forward!

So this is me, asking for 3 people to join my PIF -
just leave a comment to this post !
That's it...no Catches!
I only need THREE...
who wants to be my THREE????

So please come and join me and be one of my THREE because I would really love to make something special for you. It doesn't have to be cross stitch that you make, just so long as it is made by you with LOVE. So whatever you want to make for your PIF will be PERFECT!!


Silverlotus said...

I'd love to sign up for this. I'd be more than happy to make something for three other people if you pick me.

Measi said...

I'll sign up as well. This sounds like fun!

Jo said...

I've not had much time for blogging recently - only just seen this, I'm happy to be your third PIF member - sounds like fun!