Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fantasy Fifteen

With the Crazy Challenge coming to an end to day I thought I'd tell you what I would of started had I felt daft enough to take part.
So in no particular order

Jeannie Jean - Amybear Needlepoint
Winter Row - Bent Creek
It's Cold Outside - Blue Ribbon Designs
Winter Wingding - Blue Ribbon Designs
Cherry Blossom Spring - Cat's Whiskers
Sunflower bellpull - Drawn Thread
The Most Patterns - Waxing Moon
Fire Dragon (over 2) - TW
Medieval Minature - TW
Sunflower - Stitching Shed 
Cut Thru Haberdasher's - Bothy Threads
It's Berry Time - Blackbird Designs
Winter Wonderland - CCN
Sun Sampler - M Designs
Sunflower Inn - LHN

Some of these will probably get started this year anyway and one of them will be underway this month but you'll have to wait and see which one :)


Hazel said...

Some lovely ones there. I have no idea what I would have picked. Too many to choose from. x

Danielle said...

You know, after seeing so many people participate in this I wish I would have done so. Maybe next year if it is done again.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great list - good luck with them all

Alice said...

It sure is fun to think of 15 projects to start! I didn't think I could do it, but had a tough time limiting myself. It's a good thing I'm not daft either because that would triple my WIPs!