Monday, September 02, 2013


Last week's progress on Firefly Fairies.
I'm fed up with green already and wish I could wave a magic wand it be finished and waiting for me to stitch the last project and so I can send them all back

And my weekend progress on Legends.
Rosie has a thing for reels of Krenick and at some point I've left the box with the floss in open and she's pinched one of the reels so until it turns up I won't be able to finish this block but it's going to be a couple of weeks at least before I get to that point thank goodness I really don't fancy spend £4 on a new reel for a few stitches!

Yesterday Stephie asked what a PHD is and rather than reply privately as no doubt others are wondering I thought I'd answer here.
A PHD is either a Project Half Done or a Potential Happy Dance which ever suits you personally mine are all potential happy dances


Stephie said...

Your projects are looking lovely. I love the legends project. Thank you so much for answering the question. I've seen it on a few blogs, but never understood it :) xxxxxx

My Crossstitch Place said...

great projects!!

Zeb said...

LOL I hear you on stitching endless amounts of the same or similar colours. I've taken a break from doing the tree foliage of Tree of Hope (Mirabilia) and am doing pretty flowers near the bottom instead XD

Legends is also coming along nicely :)

Loulee Heron said...

Couldn't you switch over to a different fairy for a while? That's what i do if I get fed up with a certain colour or area of a design.

Chris said...

Beautiful progress :)

cucki said...

sweet projects x

Julie said...

It is a very beautiful green though!

Let me know which Kreinik you need and i'll see if I have it and send you some to finish off.

Linda said...

Great progress Lindsay.