Friday, January 10, 2014

Exchange stitching

Today was exchange opening day over at Needlecraft Heaven for those of us that attended the meet up in November.
We had to stitch a saying and make it into a hanging ornament, simple enough you might thnk but finding the right saying wasn't easy!

This is the beauty I received from Maggie
I think it's a Lizzie Kate and the back is the same purple heart fabric that's top and bottom

Here's the one I sent to Lynn.
It's called Stitching Days and you can find it here
I made a few changes to it as I wasn't overly happy with the original version but didn't know that until I'd stitched it!  


Anonymous said...

Both given and received exchanges were gorgeous - great job by you both! :)

DebbieSFL said...

Oh, I love your stitching on this one. I was OK with the original pattern, but haven't stitched it, but your version just has my brain racing with ideas.

Andrea said...

Lovely exchanges, both sent and received.

Julie said...

Its been a great exchange, who would have thought we would receive the same design but made up so very differently.

Linda said...

Great exchange pieces Lindsay.